Donate to SOS Children’s Villages in Ethiopia and save the lives of many children, young people and their communities.

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Every day, children and young people lose their parents or they are at risk of losing their homes - and thus their childhood. SOS Children's Villages helps children and families in need with your donation - unconditionally! Because a successful childhood helps for a lifetime.

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We can assure you that your donation will be used to better the lives of children and young people in need.

But how much of your donation actually arrives? We are happy to answer these and other frequently asked questions:

How much of a donation arrives?

With the online payment platform that we are working with, 2.5 percent is deducted from each transaction as a service fee. The rest of the donations reach our account and it will be strictly used to make children’s lives better.

From your net donations, we are proud to share that 90% of your contributions go directly to benefit our work with children. 10% goes to administration purposes and donor servicing.  

Many children experience suffering and unhappiness in their young lives. Broken family relationships, poverty, hunger or disease put children and their families in distress.

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With an online donation to SOS Children's Villages in Ethiopia, you support us in our task of providing children with the help they need and enabling them to have a self-determined future.

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Let a child grow in a loving home!

We look after thousands of children around the country and we are devoted to every single one of them. 

A child sponsorship is a regular donation that benefits children and young people. It is used to provide maintenance, food, medical care and education for the children. As part of the sponsorship, you will regularly find out directly by post or email how the sponsored children you support are doing.


1 in 10 children is alone

War, poverty, disease or natural disasters endanger the stability of families. Many children suffer from it. They are often on their own, end up on the streets and are victims of exploitation, child labour or child trafficking. These children need your sponsorship!

SOS Children’s Villages Ethiopia, work to prevent child abandonment and provide a loving home for children in need. Through our sponsorship program, we provide the chance for people to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children. We coordinate supports from kind-hearted people like you and make sure that children live in a loving family environment.

With your sponsorship, we can give children in need a loving home in an SOS Children's Village. There they can stay safe in a family and grow up in safety – with medical care and a good education.