Child safeguarding comes first in every work we do!

Child safeguarding is what we do so that children and young people participating in our programmes are not harmed or exposed to any risk of harm by any person or through our operations or programmes. We have also the responsibility to ensure that appropriate responses and effective management of child safeguarding concerns are in place, and any concerns we have about children’s safety in our programmes and within the communities, we work in are reported to the appropriate authorities

We have zero tolerance to child rights violations.

We commit to creating a safe environment for children and young persons in all our programmes at all times by implementing child safeguarding measures and procedures in line with our child protection policy, the  UNCRC, ACRWC, international standards, national laws, and best practices. We also insist that our partners do the same.

In everything we do, we work towards an environment where children and young people are safe, they are treated with dignity, and their rights are respected.                                                                                           

We focus on ensuring that children and young people grow up with the care, relationships and support they need to become their strongest selves. We encourage children, young people and all responsible stakeholders to speak up and raise concerns and commit to listening, learning and taking responsibility and action.