Family Strengthening

In the programme, we work to empower families towards self-reliance or supporting families to provide quality care for children and young people, make use of essential supporting services to meet children’s development needs, and have sufficient family resources required to address their children’s needs. The family strengthening programme also empowers communities to be able to support and empower families, by working together with them to build a strong social support system. In doing so, the program heavily relies on existing community initiatives and resources to root programme interventions within the community and builds solid foundations for sustainability. Apparently, the programme aims at building resilient community structures and systems that support families to care for and protect children. 


Working with communities

Each child and each family is part of a community. We work with partners to develop strong social support systems for children and families to develop, grow and learn in a positive, supportive environment. Our allies include community-based organisations, local authorities and governments. Together we build resilience in vulnerable families.


Training and equipping parents to earn an income and create a stable home. Ensuring access to education for girls and boys, including school fees, school uniforms, study materials, tutoring and after-school help. 


Coaching in parenting and household management skills, coaching and further training in the areas of education, housekeeping and violence prevention. 


Access to nutritional assistance, secure their basic needs and promote access to healthcare to keep children and families healthy. 


Advice and education, training, further education for parents to create a sustainable livelihood.