… All forms of child abuse are taken seriously, without exception and in all SOS programmes, and are responded to according to the gravity of the offence. We ensure that there is always a response, regardless of whether the abuse committed is considered large or small. By responding, we guarantee that a transparent and fair procedure is followed, so that nobody is falsely convicted and the rights of everyone involved are protected. …

Child Protection Policy

We take all reported child safeguarding concerns and incidents seriously and respond to them in accordance with the national law, our Child Protection Policy and related policy support documents. All the actions we take are decided based on a thorough assessment of the situation where the best interest of the child is the utmost priority.

When managing the reported concerns or incidents, we carefully maintain the confidentiality of all people involved. Yet, we are transparent when informing about reported concerns or incidents. People potentially affected by the situation (family members, other families, all programme co-workers, teachers of the child, legal guardians, etc.) should not be left in the dark without any information.

However, we keep confidentiality. We do not share any sensitive information about the reported incident, including the identities of those involved.