Special Newsletter Edition for SOS CVE 40th Anniversary

At this moment of celebrating the 40th Anniversary of SOS Children’s Villages Ethiopia, member Association of SOS Kinderorf International, I feel delighted to note the major achievements made by SOS Children’s Villages Ethiopia in the provision of care and support to abandoned, destitute, spiritual-ly and physically traumatized Children.


Children have a way of knowing the aunt who will be in their home when their mothers are either on their annual leave or day offs. Abebech is their most favorite SOS Aunt and if they come to realize that Aunt Abebech is the one who replaces their SOS mother, they never hide their true emotions saying like “YES! YES! YES! Aunt Abebech is to be with us”

Family Strengthening Program

Despite global recognition of the fundamental role played by the family in children’s development, it is clear that many families struggle to meet their children’s physical and emotional needs, and are subject to social, economic and environmental forces that are seemingly beyond their control.

Family Based Care

The family based care program gives care and protection to children and youth in SOS families. Our Children’s Villages give long family based care for children who do not have someone to turn to. We provide what each individual child needs.


Without a quality education, which is inclusive and equitable, children are at greater risk of poverty, stigmatization and violence. For children who are marginalized, access to quality education can mean the difference between a lifetime of exclusion or becoming an active member of society.