The 2015 Global Helmut Kutin Award Honors Aunt Abebech from Ethiopia

Celebrated for passionately giving love, care and support to most marginalized and disadvantaged children for over 16 years, Abebech Kibret has been honored and recognized as the best Aunt of the year 2015 by the SOS International Office based in Innsbruck, Austria.

Aunt Abebech

Abebech has shown her true commitment and support to children that confront persistent challenge of losing parental care, love and protection of their families and/or care givers. 

Out of a total of 8 finalists from around the globe, Abebech finished the race 1st owning 263 votes from the total of 1,144 casted votes.  Children who have been nourished with her love and care unanimously witnessed that Aunt Abebech is such adorable, respected and honorable care giver throughout her career time. Aunt Abebech has raised the bar for quality work and always viewed as a role model among the coworkers in terms of providing care and support to children. She always commits herself to go the extra-mile to achieve her dreams in the lives of 

Sahlemariam Abebe, National  Director, SOS Children’s Villages  Ethiopia  said that this year the Helmut Kutin award once again goes to the right person who owes her life to bring up children when crisis brings them down, as well as to give them hope and someone to trust. “I am so delighted that aunt Abebech has finally crossed the finish line of the voting track ahead of others,” says the Director. We have been following the contest anxiously and were confident that she would win.  

The National Director added that Abebech is children’s favorite Aunt. She takes the time to listen and play with them and always tries to understand their problems. The village director witnessed that Aunt Abebech plays with the younger ones while the teenagers go to school. She is also known for cooking children’s favorite meals on top of the daily menu.

SOS Children's Villages International organizes two contests annually to its co-workers honoring two exceptional personalities: the Hermann Gmeiner Award granted to the most successful and achieving young adults, and the Helmut Kutin Award, for SOS Children’s Villages co-workers directly taking care of children.