Message of the National Director

Message from ND

SOS Children's Villages Ethiopia greatly appreciates the support of its program participants, funding partners, staff and the Government of Ethiopia in ensuring a better life for vulnerable children in Ethiopia.

Like in the previous years, in the year 2016 the government of Ethiopia has given significant attention to upgrading economic and social infrastructure and promoting pro-poor spending on education, health, and other services that benefit the poor and marginalized. 

As a result of these considerable efforts, remarkable achievements were scored in reducing poverty and meeting the Millennium  Development Goals. 

Despite the major economic and social improvements over the last decade, some 25 million Ethiopians currently remain trapped in poverty and vulnerability.

This situation would undoubtedly affect the disadvantaged segments of population; particularly the vulnerable children. The socioeconomic challenges being experienced in Ethiopia mean that the need to support children is greater than ever.      

With over 5 million children living in extreme poverty it is imperative that the various stakeholders work    together to improve the lives of these children. Working in close cooperation with the government and community based organizations (CBOs), SOS Children’s Villages Ethiopia has continued supporting thousands of children who have lost parental care and at risk of losing it.

From time to time, the organization has been rigorously working to expand its geographic scope as well as program interventions areas so as to reach more vulnerable children throughout the country and bring about greater impact on the lives of the children, their families as well as the community at large. 

During the year 2016, the organization, in collaboration with the government and like-minded development actors in the country, has exerted utmost efforts and scored remarkable achievements in improving the lives of vulnerable children.  Accordingly, thousands of children, youth and other segments of the community have hugely benefited from the Education, Health, Family and Community Development and Alternative Child Care program interventions during the year.

The high inflation rate coupled with the sharp increment in cost of living, high staff turn-over, the limited capacity of CBOs and other partners plus the tough competition in the employment market has challenged our graduate youth in finding decent and permanent employment. Efforts have been made to address the aforementioned challenges in partnership with the government and other stakeholders.

Despite the serious environment, SOS Children’s Villages Ethiopia as a child development organization has been able to support 14,173 children who have lost parental care and/or are at risk of losing their parents to grow-up in a caring family environment.

We hope you will find this annual report informative. We share with our experiences and reflections. Our vision is to ensure every child belongs to a family and grows with love respect and security. This ideal is reflected in our activities which have contributed towards building families for vulnerable children, providing opportunities for children to develop their own futures, and building the capacity of communities to support children sustainably.

Sahlemariam Abebe,

National Director